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Devuan Jessie 1.0 stable (LTS)

You find here the install and live images of Devuan Jessie 1.0 stable.

All .iso files can be burned as DVD images, or copied (using dd) on an
SD card or USB directly and without any modification. Other programs
as unetbootin may support the operation with a graphical interface.

This repository is mirrored on a number of different websites listed
on - if you are downloading directly
from then please consider using a mirror instead, if
will help keeping our bandwidth usage low.

Here below an outline of the distributed images by folders:

- desktop-live/

 A live isohybrid image featuring the standard desktop. This is the
 recommended choice for desktop users wanting to try Devuan out.
 It also allows to install the system on your hard-disk using

- embedded/

 ARM images for a plethora of different embedded boards.
 Flash your preferred one on a SD card and boot.

- installer-iso/

 The classical installer based on d-i. Recommended for experienced
 users who want to have more control over what is installed in their
- minimal-live/

  a console-only minimal live iso with tons of cli and curses
  utilities and a special focus on accessibility. Good for minimalist
  environments, rescue purposes and also blind users.

- virtual/

  Devuan images for vagrant and virtualbox/qemu.